IWA(GB) Condemn bombing of Iraq

IWA(GB) strongly condemns the unprovoked bombing of the sovereign state of Iraq by US and British imperialism. This is international terrorism not only against Iraq, but also against the people of the whole world. This time US and British imperialism even cast away the fig leaf of UN Security Council authorisation. This is a blatant crime against the people of the whole world.

Since the Gulf War in 1991, Iraq has been subjected to unfair and unjust sanctions because of US and British imperialist obstruction. The UN inspectors have been working in Iraq for seven and a half years and Iraq has co-operated with the UN. Last February the UN Secretary General reached an agreement for a peaceful resolution of the crisis concerning the dismantling of Iraqi weaponry and UN inspectors have been working on it. In fact, large quantities of all types of weapons have been destroyed under UN supervision. In view of these facts the so-called `Desert Fox’ bombing is nothing but international banditry by US and British imperialism.

First the world was told about non-compliance by Iraq with the UN inspectors. This lie was even contradicted by Clinton and Blair on 17 December 1998. They stated their objective was to depose the Head of the state of Iraq, Sadam Hussein. This is typical of US and British imperialism to overthrow governments as in the case of Chile, Grenada, etc. This is a serious threat to other governments throughout the world who do not accept the US dictates. This is direct interference and must be condemned.

IWA(GB) calls upon all people and the British labour movement to raise their voice against US and British bombing and demand immediate halt to the bombing of Iraq.

Press Release, 18.12.98

. Avtar Sadiq (President), Avtar Singh Jouhl (General Secretary).

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