Afghanistan – imperialism beats a humiliating retreat

The summary departure of US troops from Afghanistan and collapse of the mercenary Afghan army further seriously weakens US dominance in the Middle East, widens cracks in the warmongering imperialist coalition and usefully undermines the prestige of capitalist class rule over the home populations of the imperialist heartlands. The entire country of Afghanistan is now … [Read more…]

Solidarity Resolution in support of the Communist Party of Cuba, proposed by the Workers’ Party of Korea

The imperialists are becoming more blatant in their attempts to topple the socialist system in Cuba. The recent anti-government protests in Cuba are a product of the relentless manoeuvres against the country staged by the US over a long   period of time to obliterate the Cuban revolution. Since the victory of the Cuban revolution, the … [Read more…]

Scandalous level of public service corruption in Britain

Transparency International, TI, the creators of annual reports on corruption worldwide, define corruption as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.” Unfortunately, TI only deals with perceptions, gleaned from public surveys etc., of corruption in national and local government and the judiciary of a given country.  This means that the continual and multitudinous corruption … [Read more…]

Colombia – the masses fight back

The months of April to July this year have been marked in Colombia by mass protests on the part of people who have simply had enough of being poor and subjected to violent repression when they live in a country so rich in natural resources. The protests were sparked by a government announcement of huge … [Read more…]

Deprivation, anger and fear behind Loyalist riots in northern Ireland

Industrial decline in northern Ireland has left the Loyalist communities that once worked its mills and shipyards plagued by unemployment, educational underachievement, debt, drugs and suicide. They remain perennially disaffected with – and yet perennially dependent on – a ruling class that continues to cynically exploit their existential insecurity with every word it speaks. Shattering … [Read more…]

Book review: China’s Great Road – Lessons for Marxist theory and socialist practice by John Ross

by Harpal Brar There are many books on the market purporting to give insight into the unfolding economic and political situation in China.  Almost all of them are either frankly anti-communist and avowedly pro-capitalist or assert that China’s rise and its economic success are attributable solely to its market reforms. To the extent that the … [Read more…]

A critique of “Britain’s Road to Socialism” in the 21st century – The Programme of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) – PART THREE

Alternative economic and political strategy “This struggle against the policies of British state-monopoly capitalism can open the road to socialism, although any strategy for such fundamental change must be able to outline the distinct stages of revolutionary transformation. This in turn raises the question of how a popular, democratic anti-monopoly alliance would seek political power, … [Read more…]

Tunisia: Ten years on from the “Jasmine Revolution” the masses are on the move again

Tunisia, the North African country from which the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ first erupted, has been plunged back into political and economic chaos with the sacking in July of the Prime Minister, Hichem Mechichi, by the President, Kais Saied. Parliament has been suspended, MPs have been stripped of immunity and there have been multiple arrests of … [Read more…]

A letter in support of the National Movement Against ZEDEs and in favour of Honduras Sovereignty

From the Honduras Solidarity Network To Juan Orlando Hernandez, President of Honduras During the past few months, the Employment and Economic Development Zones (ZEDEs), also known as ‘private cities’, ‘charter cities’ or ‘model cities’, have been rejected overwhelmingly in Honduras almost a decade since the first protests against them in 2011 when they were introduced … [Read more…]

Appeal to organisations and representatives of the conscious and organised communist movement around the world to send messages and video messages of solidarity to the Factory Collective and to the workers of the GKN factory in Campi Bisenzio (Florence – Italy)

August 31, 2021 On 9 July 2021 the speculative British private equity firm Melrose notified through WhatsApp each of the 490 employees of its subsidiary engineering company GKN that they had been fired because the company was closing down. But workers have risen in rebellion. The GKN factory in Florence has a long history: it … [Read more…]