Support for America’s proxy war in Ukraine drains as the true cost of NATO’s adventure dawns on the world

As Russia continues its special military operation to demilitarise Ukraine and rid it of the Banderite Nazi forces stirred up by imperialism, the world is starting to wake up to the folly of having ever given free rein to America’s proxy war against Russia. Militarily the outcome of the immediate conflict is in no doubt. … [Read more…]

Cost of living crisis – the fightback is under way

The truly unquenchable greed of our imperialist rulers has reawakened the anger and will to resist among the working class in Britain. The refreshed, and refreshing, willingness of many groups of workers to take strike action, from bus drivers and railway staff to Amazon workers, postal staff and even criminal barristers seems to have shocked … [Read more…]

Support the postal workers!

Royal Mail postal workers, already on strike on 26 and 31 August in a dispute over pay, have now also voted overwhelmingly for further industrial action over working conditions. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) reported that almost 99% of its members voted in favour of taking further strike action on a 72% turnout. Clearly the … [Read more…]

Amazon workers against Victorian working conditions

The global internet sales and home entertainment giant, Amazon, has seen the British section of its massive 1.5 million worldwide workforce take unexpected steps into militant resistance as a result of a derisory pay offer. Amazon does not recognise any trade unions in Britain for the purposes of pay and conditions bargaining although some of … [Read more…]

Manifesto for the present crisis: Class against class

Following the pandemic, the whole world is finding itself in a situation of economic chaos.  Living standards of working people are falling precipitously almost everywhere in the world.  Countries such as Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Ghana are already bankrupt and unable to purchase essentials needed by their populations – medicine, food and energy especially. … [Read more…]

Dutch farmers’ militant struggle

In Holland farmers have for months been blocking roads, dumping manure in front of the homes of politicians, and setting haystacks alight, as well as mobilising massive convoys of tractors and other farm vehicles to disrupt the movement of traffic. Their protest is fuelled by the fact that measures being taken by the Dutch government … [Read more…]

Farewell to Eric Levy

Eric Levy, a veteran of the anti-imperialist movement, died on 20 July 2022 at the age of 94.  Some of us had known him since the 1960s. Born in 1928 in Manchester, spending his childhood in Egypt, he was an active participant in the working-class movement in America, before moving to London in 1958, where … [Read more…]

The International Anti-Fascist Congress

On the 20 August 2022, in Patriot Park, Kubinka near Moscow, the inaugural gathering of the International Anti-Fascist Congress (IAFC) was opened.  Organised by the Russian Ministry of Defence (MOD) with the stated aim of uniting “the efforts of the international community to combat the ideology of Nazism in all its manifestations,” the Congress began … [Read more…]

Is Russia imperialist?

Since Russia began its Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine, not only Trotskyite and revisionist outfits, but also quite a few communist parties have denounced Russia. Further, they have asserted that the conflict in Ukraine is an inter-imperialist war in the outcome of which the proletariat has no interest; that Russia is not defending its … [Read more…]