Elections to the European Parliament are to be held on 10th June. For the first time in these elections, there is a socialist alternative, for opposing the parties of capitalism – Labour, Tory and Lib.Dems. This alternative is represented by the Socialist Labour Party. All those who stand for socialism, for full employment, for decent housing, decent health care, decent comprehensive education and decent pensions, have no option other than to vote for the Socialist Labour Party.

All those who are opposed to the war-mongering neo-Nazi NATO alliance, as well as the European Union, are duty-bound to vote Socialist Labour. Those who are opposed to discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion or national origin, must vote Socialist Labour. Socialist Labour is fighting is all the regions, with candidates whose only desire is to be of service to the working class, to promote the ideals of socialism and to build a society in which production is carried on for satisfying the needs of working people, and not for the profits of a handful of financial magnates and robber barons of capitalism. We publish immediately below the list of SLP candidates and ask our readers and supporters to vote for them. [Editor – Lalkar]


Arthur Scargill, Joti Brar, Hardev Dhillon, Amanda Rose, John Hendy QC, Harpal Brar, Ella Rule, Robert Siggins, John Haybull, Joe Marino.


Brian Gibson, Gordon Potts, James Fitzpatrick, Ken Hall.


Billy Kelly, Gias Choudhury, Alec McFadden, Lynne Lowe, Ali Mehmood, Jimmy Hackett, Steve Wynn, Jim Doher, Mick Perry, Terry Cullen.


George Tofarides, Pam Woodin, Darran Hickery, Liz Screen, Steve Bell.


David White, Jean Ramshaw, Rob Hawkins, Paul Williams, Giles Shorter, Bernard Kennedy, Brian Corbett


Louise McDaid, Christopher Herriot, Katharine McGavigan, Steve Mayes, Trisha Graham, Colin Turbett, Margaret Stead, Jim Galloway.


Linda Muir, Alan Brooke, Steve Yoxall, Mick Appleyard, Robert Morris, Frank Cave, Stewart Emms.


Sohan Singh, Sheera Johal, Satbir Singh, Judith Marshall-Sambrook, Bhagwant Singh, David Ayrton, Brenda Procter, Carlos Rule, Mick Atherton

For further information contact SLP’s national office: 01226-770957 or regional numbers as listed below:

LONDON: Harpal Brar 0208-571-1437 or 0789-9974525; YORKSHIRE & HUMBER: Ronnie Forbes 0113-289-9594; MIDLANDS: Rodney Stableford 01746-862405; NORTH EAST: Brian Gibson 01740-652743; NORTH WEST: Billy Kelly 01204-705170; SCOTLAND: Steve Mayes 01324-551273; SOUTH WEST: Dave White 0117-983-2248; WALES: Darran Hickery 01554-820926.

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