Diarmuid O’Neill: A Case of Shoot to Kill


On the morning of 23 September 1996 Diarmuid o’Neill was shot and killed by officers of the Metropolitan Police in Hammersmith. The trial of Brian McHugh and Patrick Kelly – arrested at the same address in Hammersmith – ended in December 1997. The disclosures and evidence presented at that trial exposed Diarmuid’s death as murder. Testimony by police officers at the trial, as well as an audio tape of the raid by the police played in court, have shown the police version of events to have been a lie. The policeman who shot Diarmuid O’Neill, who was named only as ‘officer Kilo’ at the trial, has given contradictory evidence in court and must stand accountable for his actions.

The Justice for Diarmund O’Neill Campaign believes that the responsibility for Diarmuid’s death goes beyond the actions of the man who pulled the trigger. The police, security forces and Home Office too must be accountable. Therefore, only an Independent Public Inquiry with an international membership will ensure that justice is and is seen to be done.


Pickets against the murder and cover-up.

9 September, Crown Prosecution Service, 50 Ludgate Hill EC4M 6-7pm

16 September, New Scotland Yard, off Victoria Street SW1 6-7pm

23 September, Vigil at St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square WC2N 5.30-7pm

26 September, Hammersmith Police Station, Shepherds Bush Road 11am-12.30pm

[To join/affiliate to the Justice for Diarmuid O’Neill Campaign or to make a donation, make cheques payble to ‘Justice for Diarmuid O’Neill Campaign’ – membership costs are £10/£5 individuals and £20 organisations – and send to BM Box D. O’Neill, London WC1N 3XX]

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