Greetings on 50th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China


This coming October marks the 50th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution and the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). On this historic event Lalkar sends its heartfelt greetings to the people and the government of the PRC, as well as to the Communist Party of China (CPC), without whose brilliant leadership the Chinese people would not have achieved the world-historic successes associated with the Chinese Revolution.

Following hard on the heels of the victory of Soviet arms during the Second World War, the smashing of the Nazi war machine by the glorious Red Army, the establishment of Peoples’ Democracies in eastern Europe, with the hammer and sickle flying proudly in the capitals of these countries, the declaration of Mao Tse-tung of the establishment of the PRC with the ringing words “the Chinese people have stood up”, sent shivers down the spines of the bourgeoisie of all imperialist countries, especially that of US imperialism, which had emerged from the war not only as the strongest imperialist power, but also as the undisputed leader of the entire imperialist camp with the desire to carry on with Hitler’s mission of world domination and the crusade against communism and the forward march of humanity for national liberation and socialism.

The conclusion of the Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and National Assistance between the USSR and the PRC in 1950 laid the foundation for a solid fraternal cooperation between the two giants of the socialism camp. Such cooperation bore immediate fruit during the Korean war, in which the people of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK), with material support from the USSR and Chinese volunteers, fought US imperialism and its satellites to a standstill, forcing them to agree to an armistice.

The Korean war over, the Chinese people got on with the completing of the democratic tasks of the Chinese revolution, with land reforms and collectivisation of agriculture, before moving on to industrialisation, for which they received generous assistance from the USSR. All this fraternal solidarity, however, began to be undermined with the coming to power of the Khruschevite revisionists in the CPSU and the USSR. The anti-communist and pro-imperialist stance of the Khruschevites progressively undermined, and led to the disintegration of, the socialist camp. In due course it was to lead to the liquidation and collapse of Peoples’ Democracies and the USSR, the land of the victorious October Revolution, the land of the victorious Red Army, the land of Lenin and Stalin. The CPC played, along with the Party of Labour of Albania, an exceptionally important role in exposing the treachery of modern Krushchevite revisionism, whose disastrous consequences the peoples of the former USSR and the Peoples’ Democracies are having to live with, and struggle against, today.

Thanks to the Chinese Revolution, the PRC today is a strong and richer country with a flourishing and powerful economy, strong armed forces, which act as the bulwark against imperialist intrigues against China. The Chinese people are healthier, better housed and better fed than ever before.

The counter-revolutionary camp of imperialism is doing its best to undermine the PRC, on the one hand through military pressure, on the other hand, through its attempts to take advantage of the market-oriented ‘reforms’, carried out since 1978 under the policy of opening-up with the aim of “building socialism with Chinese characteristics”. Undoubtedly these reforms have unleashed capitalist elements on a vast scale and extended the scope of commodity production. Their harmful consequences were powerfully on display during the Tianemen counter-revolutionary uprising staged consequent upon meticulous planning and close coordination between local counter-revolutionary elements and imperialist agencies. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) made short shrift of these enemies of the Chinese people.

Although these events of a decade ago are history, they nevertheless constitute a standing reminder of the dangers facing the PRC as she grapples with the problems of economic construction and national defence and reunification. It is our hope and expectation that the CPC and the Chinese government will find correct solutions to the difficult problems they face, particularly at a time when US imperialism is more bellicose than ever, when it had the fascistic arrogance to bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the neo-Nazi NATO’s war of aggression against Yugoslavia, when it is actively egging the Taiwanese regime to declare independence and putting military pressure on China through the US-Japan Treaty, and when, last but not least, it is engaged in organising the counter-revolutionary forces within China.

Whatever our view of the Chinese ‘reforms’, we fully support, as is the duty of progressive humanity at large, a strong China, for, since the collapse of the USSR and the eastern Peoples’ Democracies, China alone stands in the way of total imperialist domination of our planet.

Once again we greet the Chinese people on the 50th birthday of the PRC. May they go from strength to strength and achieve ever greater victories.

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