Members of the SLP and SLP Youth Section attended the eighth annual International Youth Conference In Jood Dayem, 30 km east of Tripoli in September The conference brought nearly 120 delegates from all over the world to debate the role of youth in the next millennium in bringing about international dialogue for the development of peace, international co-operation and sustainable development. The event was also an opportunity to see first hand and experience the gains of the Libyan Revolution. During the course of the week-long Conference, delegates joined with the workers of the National Soap factory, Libya’s largest factory, run by a people’s congress of 3500 workers, in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Al Fatah Revolution and the 21st anniversary of the workers’ revolution,

Dave Roberts SLP NEC delivered a message of solidarity which was received by rapturous applause. He said:

Brothers and sisters, it is a great privilege to be here with you today on the occasion of your celebration of the great al Fatah revolution. Here in the Great Socialist Jamahiriya, a free land amongst a free people, I bring you socialist and internationalist greetings from the Socialist Labour Party in Britain.

“Many young people who have been involved in the international camps during the last 8 years have seen at first hand and marvelled at the great social and economic, political developments you have achieved throughout your 30 years of revolutionary struggle. We pay tribute to you and all the Libyan people for their determined struggle against imperialism and particularly American imperialism, which has sought to demonise and isolate Libya from the rest of the world.

“The cruel and unjust economic sanctions imposed not just against Libya, but also against Iraq, Cuba and North Korea, have exposed the real face of imperialism. People talk of weapons of mass destruction, but by far the most sinister is the economic blockade which in Iraq’s case has resulted in the death of nearly half a million men, women and children.

“The murderous wars unleashed against the people of Yugoslavia and Iraq in recent months prove that it is the American imperialists who are the demons and they who should be isolated.

“Those of us fighting for the liberation of our countries from imperialism, and our people from capitalism, pay tribute to the generosity of the Libyan people for the solidarity they have shown to anti-imperialist and progressive movements throughout the world. We hope one day to be able to return to a future celebration of the Al Fatah revolution, and announce that we too have defeated capitalism in our countries and are joining with you in the building of a socialist world. In the meantime we say: Long live the Great Socialist Libyan Peoples Jamahiriya. Long live Muammer Al Gadaffy, Al Fatah Forever!”

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