Book Launch

Marxism and the Emancipation of Women

Book Launch: Saturday, 26 February 4 p.m.

Saklatvala Hall, Dominion Road, Southall

Main Speaker: Ella Rule

[Editor of the new book, Chair of SLP Women’s Section]

Cultural Programme: Workers Music Association Singers

Join us in launching this new and important publication

Hosted by Ealing Southall Constituency Socialist Labour Party,

[Chair: Harpal Brar, Secretary: Iris Cremer, Treasurer: Jagdev Samra. 15 Kenton Avenue, Southall. Middx UB1 3QF. Tel: 0789-9974525; Fax: 0181-571-9723]

This new book is an important contribution to the development of the movement for the emancipation of women and the working class alike. It includes sections on the Marxian analysis of the question concerning the emancipation of women; throws light on the advances registered by women in the socialist countries; refutes the false ideology of women’s liberation put forward by petty-bourgeois elements in the women’s movement; and exposes the practices of the opportunists in the women’s movement who characteristically did everything, alas successfully, to undermine the development of a revolutionary proletarian women’s movement.

The book aims to arm advanced workers with the knowledge and understanding that will enable them to bring together an invincible mass organisation of women with a proletarian orientation and a correct programme for their liberation, to fight for proletarian revolution and for their own emancipation.

We look forward to seeing you at the book launch. If, however, you are unable to come to the function, do order a copy of the book. Remember that libraries should stock this book – their shelves are usually full of bourgeois feminist literature – order it through your library and they will have to provide it. You may also feel that you want to invite Ella Rule to speak on this issue at your function.


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Marxism and the Emancipation of Women


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