A shameful boast

In an interview he gave on Turkish radio recently, Mikhail Gorbachev, the former General Secretary of the CPSU and President of the Soviet Union, made the shameful admission that his ambition, all along, was

“to liquidate communism”.

We publish below the transcript of Gorbachev’s interview from the latest edition of

North Star Compass

, organ of the Canadian based Organising Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People.

“My ambition was to liquidate communism, the dictatorship over all the people. Supporting me and urging me on in this mission was my wife, who was of this opinion long before I was.

“I knew that I could only do this if I was the leading functionary. In this my wife urged me to climb to the top post.

“When I actually became acquainted with the West, my mind was made up forever. I decided that I must destroy the whole apparatus of the CPSU and the USSR.

“Also, I must do this in all of the other socialist countries.

“My ideal is the path of social democracy. Only this system shall benefit all the people. This quest I decided I must fulfil.

“I found friends that had the same thoughts as I in Yakovlev and Shevernadze, they also deserve to be thanked for the break up of the USSR and the defeat of communism.

“A world without communism is going to be much better. After the year 2000 the world will be much better because it will develop and prosper.

“But there are countries which will have to try and struggle against this. China for one.

“I was in Beijing during the time of the protests at Tianamen Square, where I really though that communism in China was going to crash. I sternly demanded of the Chinese leadership that I be allowed to speak to the protesters, but they did not allow me to do so.

“If communism were to fall in China all the world would be better off and on the road to peace.

“I wanted to save the USSR, but only under the rule of social democracy. This I could not do. Yeltsin wanted power, he knew nothing about democracy or what I intended to do. We wanted the democratic USSR to have rights and freedom.

“When Yeltsin broke up the USSR, and at that time I was not in the Kremlin, all the newspaper reporters asked me if I would cry. I did not cry because I had managed to destroy communism in the USSR as well as in the other European socialist countries.

“I did not cry because I knew I had fulfilled my main aim – the defeat of communism in Europe.

“But you must also know that communism must be defeated in Asia too to make the transition to democracy and freedom quicker throughout the whole world.

“The liquidation of the USSR is not beneficial to the United States since they now have no mighty democratic country (the former USSR) which I wanted to call the Union of Independent Sovereign Republics. I could not accomplish all of this.

“All the small countries now are thanking the United States for the help. I wanted the US and the former USSR to be partners without the scourge of communism; these could have been the ruling countries of the world.

“The road towards democracy will be a long one, but it is coming very quickly. The whole world must now defeat the last remnants of communism!”

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