Hillingdon Hospital – so near and yet so far


Hillingdon hospital workers have set a shining example to the working class everywhere of stubborn perseverance in a fight to save jobs. It is nearly five years since they set up their picket line after being sacked for refusing to take a pay cut. They have refused every attempt to fob them off with anything less than the right to their jobs back, on conditions no worse than they enjoyed at the time they were sacked. The bourgeoisie has liberally wielded both the stick and the carrot to get the 52 Hillingdon hospital workers to back down, from the courts and injunctions, to blandishments from union leaders, followed by threats and the withholding of strike pay, to racist abuse by fascist thugs, but it has not been able to stop them from standing up for their rights.

Finally it was agreed by Granada recently that the women will get their jobs back – a tremendous victory – but they are still waiting for implementation, every one of them. Without social security benefits, without strike pay.

There is no way that the women will allow themselves to be defeated at this late stage, having taken things so far, but they still need your help. Please send donations c/o Lalkar, 14 Featherstone Road, Southall. UB2 5AA and we will definitely pass on the money to the strikers.

The women of Hillingdon stand as a shining example to the workers in the car industry and textile industry who are losing their jobs in their thousands. This example the ruling class wants to stifle. Please join us in upholding it.

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