Britain’s True Terrorists

LALKAR also thanks Felicity Arbuthnot for a copy of this letter which was published in the

Big Issue

of March 4th.

Britain’s True Terrorists?

What an irony. The Terrorism Act is, according to your succinct analysis (Big Issue 425) designed to prevent ‘use or threat of action … to influence the government or to intimidate the public or for the purpose of advancing a political … or ideological cause’. The act addresses: ‘serious violence against a person’, ‘serious damage to a property’, ‘a threat to life’ and a ‘serious risk to health and safety of the public’.

That exactly describes the terrorist act by the two rogue states on the UN Security Council – the UK and the US – in the illegal bombing of Iraq on February 16, without recourse to the UN or to Britain’s parliament.

Iraq is bombed almost daily anyway by the UK and the US – often using depleted uranium-tipped weapons, designated a weapon of mass destruction three times by a UN subcommittee. The British government also openly supports the funding of groups encouraged to enter Iraq illegally and overthrow its government. I look forward to seeing Mr Blair and the ministers responsible for both the terrorist bombings and the encouragement of further terrorism in court as soon as possible.

Felicity Arbuthnot

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