The price of an Arab life in Israel

The Times

of 22 January 2001 reported on an example of Israeli ‘justice’, which illustrates better than any amount of rhetoric the racist and fascist nature of the Zionist settler state.

Nabum Kurman, a Jewish settler, caught hold of a ten-year old Palestinian boy, Hilmi Shousha, from a group of boys who had been throwing stones at settlers. He threw him to the ground, stood on his neck and beat him about the head with a pistol. But the Jerusalem district court where he was tried found that the Jewish settler was not guilty of murder but only manslaughter because he

“did not mean to kill”

, disregarding the fact that it is just as much murder if you kill when intending ‘only’ to inflict serious injury.

The sentence for the killing of this child was 6 months’ community service, a 15-month suspended prison sentence, and a fine of £11,600, which will no doubt be paid by some Zionist outfit on his behalf! In short, this murderer walked free from the court.

It is absolutely certain that if it had been a Jewish child that had been killed in this manner, his assailant would certainly not have been able to persuade the court that he

“did not mean to kill”

and would have faced at least 20 years in jail and public vilification. yy

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