Tribute to Comrade Surinder Kumar Taggar

Comrade Surinder Kumar Taggar died suddenly on 4 August 2002. His death was a shock not only to his family but also to the Shaheed Udham Singh Welfare Trust (Birmingham), the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) and hundreds of friends in Birmingham and Sandwell.

Comrade Surinder Kumar was the co-ordinator at Shaheed Udham Singh Welfare Trust (Birmingham) for nearly ten years. He was committed to his welfare, social and political work. During the 1960s, 70s and 80s he worked in the foundry industry in Smethwick, a Black Country region of the West Midlands, where he was a trade union shop steward and served his members very well.

Comrade Surinder was an active branch committee member of the Indian Workers Association Great Britain (Birmingham and Sandwell branch) for more than 20 years. He was a life long member of the IWA(GB). He was an active communist who supported revolutionary struggles.

Comrade Surinder was a very popular person. At his funeral on 12 August 2002, hundreds of people marched past his remains for one and a half hours. As a comradely tribute his hearse was wrapped in the red flag. At West Bromwich Crematorium, Comrade Avtar Singh Johal (General Secretary, IWA(GB)) paid a last tribute to Comrade Surinder on behalf of the Shaheed Udham Singh Welfare Trust, Indian Workers Association (GB), Socialist Labour Party, his family and friends and the hundreds of mourners at the funeral. Comrade Surinder Kumar Taggar, people miss you very much.

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