NCP ties itself in knots

It is difficult not to comment on an item which appeared in the 22 November 2002 issue of the New Worker, organ of the New Communist Party (NCP), which claims to be a Marxist-Leninist Party and an adherent of the dictatorship of the proletariat. But somehow it manages to square all this with its support for the Labour Party as the party of the British working class. We have on innumerable occasions subjected the NCP to comradely criticism on this its Achilles’ heel.

However, in the 22 November issue, the NCP broke all its previous records in making itself even more ridiculous and plainly reactionary than hitherto. Entitled ‘Blunkett’s creeping fascism’, an item in this issue reports that “Home Secretary David Blunkett is busy planning a new raft of measures, …, to crack down on law and order, which contain some alarming innovations”, which are elaborated further down in this piece. The contents of this article do not concern us. What interests us, however, is that the New Worker characterises Blunkett’s planned legislation as “creeping fascism”. Equally it does not concern us whether we, or anyone else, agree with this characterisation. What interests us, however, is that the NCP and its organ should be inclined to characterise these measures as “creeping fascism”. That being so, would the NCP still keep droning nauseatingly that the Labour Party is the party of the working class and worthy of the latter’s support, even though its Home Secretary is the instrument of “creeping fascism”?

Comrades of the NCP, your support for the imperialist Labour Party has assumed proportions which threaten to become a “creeping” instrument for the total destruction of the NCP as the communist organisation which you claim it to be. It is still not too late for you to get rid of this reactionary baggage of support for British imperialism through your support for the Labour Party.

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