Homage to Kim Il Sung

8th July 2004 marks the 10th Anniversary of the death of Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), the great leader of the Korean people. Modern Korea, in particular the DPRK, is indelibly linked with the life, work, thought and leadership of Kim Il Sung. He guided the Korean people from the anti-Japanese struggle through to victory against colonialism in 1945. He led the Korean people in establishing the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, building the Workers Party of Korea and the Korean People’s Army. He showed legendary leadership in the Fatherland Liberation War against US imperialism from June 1950 to July 1953. The Korean people, under the leadership of Marshall Kim Il Sung and with generous support from the erstwhile USSR and the Peoples Republic of China, fought US imperialism to a standstill – inflicting on US imperialism the first ever defeat suffered by it.

Since his death, the Korean people, under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il, have continued Kim Il Sung’s policy of working for the unification of the fatherland and building a strong defence capability to defend Korean independence and socialism against the aggressive designs of US imperialism which continues to this day to occupy south Korea and maintain there a 37,000-strong army of occupation, armed with the most sophisticated weaponry, including nuclear warheads.

While paying homage to the memory of the late Comrade Kim Il Sung and wishing the peoples of the DPRK every success in their endeavours to build a happy, independent and prosperous life, we demand that US imperialism take its army of occupation out of Korea with immediate effect.

Society for Friendship with Korea Picket US Embassy

A picture of the Picket on 25 June 2004, organised by the Society for Friendship with Korea (SFK), outside the American Embassy to mark the 54th anniversary of the start of the US war of aggression against the Korean people was included in this issue of Lalkar. [For information on solidarity work contact: SFK, 24 Stuart Road, Acton, London W3 6DG]

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