Statement on Zimbabwe elections

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) sends its heartfelt congratulations to Comrade Robert Mugabe, ZANU-PF, and the heroic Zimbabwean people on the occasion of their landslide election victory over the imperialist stooge outfit, the ‘Movement for Democratic Change’.

The imperialists are seething at the obvious strength of ZANU-PF, whose popularity cannot be broken, despite the enormous amount of US and British cash which was poured into the MDC’s election campaign.

Ever since it became patently obvious that the MDC stooges were going to lose once again at the ballot box, the imperialist press has been calling for an uprising of the opposition. However, they have found that even those who had been duped into supporting “Morgan’s Mafia” have very little inclination to take on armed struggle against a government which is the living reflection of the aspirations of the masses of Zimbabwe. We are sure that those masses will continue to be vigilant in safeguarding their interests and repelling the onslaught of imperialist domination.

The elections are being called a fraud and a fix by the imperialist press, as well as by the puppets of imperialism in Zimbabwe. However, foreign observers of the elections found them to be totally fair, and considered the results to be an accurate reflection of the Zimbabwean people’s will. The irony of the chief executives of US and British imperialism labelling an election as unfair – just three months after the stage-managed farce of an election in Iraq, and only a few months after Bush’s second highly suspicious Presidential election victory – has not escaped us. Imperialism preaches democracy when it needs an excuse to invade a country; when it actually sees democracy, it runs a mile. The Iraqi election was held under the guns of invading armies; candidates did not even give their names; polling station locations were kept secret; there were no foreign observers (other than the imperialist troops!); and vast areas of the country were kept from voting altogether. Yet we are supposed to believe that this sham of an election was a ‘great day for democracy’, whilst the legitimate and transparent Zimbabwean elections were a nail in democracy’s coffin.

There are many pseudo-socialist organisations in the imperialist countries that will follow the lead of their own imperialists in condemning the victory of ZANU-PF. However, so-called ‘leftists’ doing the dirty work of imperialism is not new to us, nor is it to our comrades in Zimbabwe. We join together with all genuine Marxist-Leninists in thanking ZANU-PF for its continued struggle on the front-line against imperialism. Every victory for them is a victory for us, and every victory for us is a victory for them.

Long live ZANU-PF Long live internationalism Death to imperialism.

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