Anniversary of Chinese People’s Volunteers Entry into Korean Front Marked

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) – Today marks the 57th anniversary of the entry of the Chinese People’s Volunteers [CPV] into the Korean front.

On this occasion the men and officers of the Korean People’s Army and the people of the DPRK extend friendly greetings to the men and officers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the people of China and pay high tribute to all the fighters of the CPV who fell while bravely fighting on the Korean front,

Rodong Sinmun

today says in a signed article.

It goes on:

The Korean people are now looking back with deep emotion upon the spirit of heroic struggle displayed by the brave fighters of the CPV, their comradeship and shining feats performed by them. The traditional DPRK-China friendship has steadily grown stronger despite global ordeals and upheaval. The history of the friendship is given steady continuity in the new century.

It is the intention of the top leaders of the two countries and wishes of their peoples to boost the friendship generation after generation. The bilateral friendly and cooperative relations are favourably developing as the days go by under the deep care of the top leaders of the two countries and this pleases the two peoples.

The Chinese people are working hard to build a harmoniously developed socialist society based on the scientific outlook on development under the guidance of the Communist Party of China with Hu Jintao as its general secretary. The Korean people sincerely wish the Chinese people good results in their efforts to realize socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics and reunify the whole country.

Minju Joson in a signed article devoted to this day notes that the fighters of the CPV displayed matchless courage, self-sacrificing spirit and heroism in the great Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people after participating in it under the banner of ‘Resisting America and aiding Korea, safeguarding the home and defending the motherland’.

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