Imperialists’ despicable scheme to lead DPRK to “Reform” and “Opening”  failed

“Reform” and “opening” touted by the imperialists are a reactionary plot to block social progress and stem the trend of history and a sinister move to destabilize and undermine other countries under the signboard of “globalization” in a bid to attain their hegemonic purpose, says Rodong Sinmun Friday [21 November 2008] in a signed article.

The article says: The imperialists are using “reform” and “opening” as pretexts for political pressure, economic sanctions and blockade, while putting them up as preconditions. They have gone to the lengths of crying out for “reform” and “opening” when dealing with humanitarian issues in a bid to make humanitarianism a plaything for their political bargaining.

What should not be overlooked is the pressure put by them upon the DPRK to accept “reform” and “opening” despite its firm adherence to the socialist principle. They are groundlessly accusing the DPRK of opting for “isolation” and “closure”, not “reform” and “opening”. This is nothing but sheer sophism which can be uttered by those who distort reality and make profound confusion of right and wrong.

As far as reform is concerned, the DPRK transformed the old social system in a revolutionary manner decades ago and it has carried on a steady renovation drive to get rid of everything old and backward and create everything new.

As for opening, the DPRK has always kept its door open. The DPRK has boosted foreign relations since it identified independence, peace and friendship with the avowed basic idea of its foreign policy.

The imperialists are unilaterally admonishing and pressurizing other countries to opt for “reform” and “opening” while not transforming their outdated social system and unpopular system though they are vociferous about “reform” and “opening”. What brigandish behaviour.

The ulterior aim sought by the imperialists and their followers in pressurizing the DPRK to opt for “reform” and “opening” is to bring down its socialist system and restore the capitalist system in it. Their moves to destabilize and undermine Korean-style socialism centring on the popular masses through “reform” and “opening” will never work on the DPRK but are bound to go bust.

The people of all countries aspiring after independence should clearly see through the reactionary and dangerous nature of the imperialists’ scenario to lead them to “reform” and “opening” and react to them with vigilance.

[From KCNA, Pyongyang, 21 November]

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