CPB yet again sides with imperialism

While the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) whinges to anyone who will listen to them about the wholly warranted criticism that they receive from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) (CPGB-ML), due to the former’s rotten revisionism, they have once again put their putrid politics of surrender and their deformed brand of internationalism on display to prove the correctness of these  criticisms.

In an article in the Morning Star, a paper supported, promoted and sold by the CPB, on Monday 6 April, there was an attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) by Kate Hudson, CND chair and a leading member of the CPB.  Ignoring the information put out by the KCNA, the news agency of the DPRK, she accepted without question the view of imperialism that the launch of a communication satellite by the socialist DPRK was some kind of test linked to weapons delivery systems and condemned the launch as both “unnecessary and provocative”.  Adding for good measure “which, regardless of whether its intentions are peaceful, [something she clearly does not believe] risks others seeing the launch as a threat to regional security”.

In making this assertion, Ms Hudson shows the political cowardice that has come to be associated with her party.

There are very many satellites whizzing around our planet, most of which are the property of imperialism and which are used for a variety of military and spying purposes.  These satellites are launched on a regular basis without a murmur from Ms Hudson, her party or its paper, so what’s the big deal now?

The US objects strongly when its virtual monopoly of space is in any way challenged, even by a peaceful communications satellite, and the appeasers of CND and the CPB/Morning Star, instead of standing up and supporting the right of the DPRK to launch a satellite for whatever reason it wants, including defence if it should so choose, give lectures to a socialist country for ignoring the threats and lies of US imperialism and their lackeys.

If people and political parties are going to term themselves communist they really should understand the duties of communists.  In the DPRK they are quite clear regarding their duty, they are looking after the welfare of their people and giving them good ideological training along with the quality housing, education, health care and the right/duty to participate in the productivity of their country.  They understand the need to keep up to date with all technology and they understand that the imperialist demons surrounding them are looking constantly for signs of weakness.  In these conditions they understand their duty to protect themselves as ably as they possibly can.  They also understand their duty to support others in struggle, both the national liberation movements in the third world and other socialist parties and groups even in the imperialist heartlands.  They do this while standing nose to nose with the imperialist warmongers who are possessed of enough nuclear weaponry to destroy the world several times over.

For those of us inside the imperialist countries who consider ourselves communist our duty to the DPRK is also clear, we must support them in their struggle for us all and try to win over the people of this country to understanding that the DPRK develops weapons only to defend itself from our oppressors.  We have to try to convince people that the DPRK, while ready and able to defend itself, only wants to develop its own way in peace.

The sight of such an attack on the DPRK coming from a party that only recently condemned the CPGB-ML for sectarianism and having no history within the communist movement is sickening but not unexpected.  It is the height of sectarianism to launch such an attack on a ruling communist Party while it is in such danger of imperialist attack.  It shows that the only history that the CPB can lay claim to is that of Khrushchevite revisionism that split the communist movement apart and weakened severely the opposition to imperialist aggression and the march towards revolution in many quarters.

It is high time that communist parties around the world who declare opposition to revisionism break any links that they have with these despicable renegades and latter day Khrushchevites.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Comrade Kim Jong Il, the Korean Workers’ Party and the people of the DPRK on the launch of this satellite and acknowledge their correctness in ignoring both the rants of Imperialism and the lick-spittle admonishments of the social-pacifists of the CPB.

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