Meeting sends birthday greetings to Comrade Kim Jong Il

On 13 February, Friends of Korea held a panel discussion at Marx Memorial Library in London. With the title ‘Defence of the DPRK is a must!’, the discussion included the importance of the stand of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea against imperialism and its refusal to be intimidated.  It emphasised the strength that came from the DPRK’s socialist system.  The meeting was chaired by Ella Rule, of the CPGB-ML, and Keith Bennett represented it on the panel.

The meeting, with unanimous approval, sent a letter of congratulation to Comrade Kim Jong Il on his 68th birthday on the 16 February.  The letter sent “very best wishes for the continued success of your work in these dangerous and decisive times”, emphasising the work towards the reunification of Korea and the great contribution to anti-imperialist struggles made by the firm stand of the DPRK against imperialist aggression.

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