Joan Hinton: In Remembrance

The following is a letter sent by the CPGB-ML to the Memorial Meeting for Joan Hinton held in China on 18 June 2010.  Michael Crook, shown in front of Comrade Joan’s picture, with his mother, Isabel Crook, delivered the Party’s message at the meeting.

CPGB-ML Message

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) and Hands off China! join with you in celebrating the life of Comrade Joan Hinton, a staunch internationalist communist fighter, who devoted decades of her life to the Chinese revolution, to peace and to the anti-imperialist struggle.

In particular, over a protracted period, Comrade Joan, living a simple and hard working life, both made great contributions to the development of China’s dairy industry, improving the lives of the Chinese people, and also helped people throughout the world to understand the true picture of the New China and the achievements of the Chinese people in building socialism.

For all this, she deserves our respect and all communists should learn from and emulate her internationalist spirit.

Please accept our fraternal greetings and convey our condolences to Comrade Joan’s family, comrades and colleagues.

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