SYRIZA’s underhand trick and the reality

This is not the first time this has happened, but this time SYRIZA has crossed the line by choosing to adorn a poster which it issued for a meeting organised on the 19/10 in Ireland with the photograph of the banner which the KKE had put up on the Acropolis in May 2010, on which the slogan “Peoples of Europe Rise Up” was written. [to see the photographs click on this link]

Of course they took care to delete the signature of the “KKE” from the banner, in order to appropriate an initiative which had great resonance. To be accurate, there were two banners, one with the slogan in English and the other in Greek. This photograph became one of the most recognisable images from the struggle of the Greek people during the crisis, both at a European and global level.

We understand that SYRIZA does not possess an image from a similar initiative or action and it could not do as it is absent from the organisation and development of the people’s struggle which has a class orientation and content. This however does not justify its attempt to appropriate the initiatives of the KKE in order to promote its non-existent militant profile to an audience which is not aware of its role and stance in Greece

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