Letter from CPC to CPGB-ML

November 27th, 2012, Beijing

Comrade Harpal Brar, Comrade Ella Rule, Comrade Zane Carpenter

Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary

Dear Comrade Brar, Comrade Rule, Comrade Carpenter,

Entrusted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and General Secretary Xi Jinping, the International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC) would like to thank you for your letters of congratulations upon the convening of the 18th National Congress of the CPC and Comrade Xi’s election.

China attaches great importance to the friendly relations between the CPC and the CPGBML and those between China and Britain. We are ready to work with you to further expand the cooperation in various fronts between our two parties and countries for the benefit of our two peoples.

International Department, Central Committee, Communist Party of China

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