Oppose the racist visa scheme

The UK government is pandering to racism by introducing a racist UK visa bond of £3000 for each visitor from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Nigeria. The likely date of imposing racist visa bonds is 1st November 2013 according to the Home office announcement made a few months ago. It claims that it is a 12 month pilot scheme. It says that a visitor from aforesaid six countries will be asked to deposit £3000 bond which it will refund on visitor’s return to his/her country of origin. It says that the purpose is to stop visitors from overstaying their visa period time.

But in fact it is another racist rule against six black countries which it claims as ‘high risk countries’ without any scientific evidence i.e any figure of overstayers from these six countries.

To stop this racist visa bond, Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) along with many organisation has launched a petition to the Home Secretary to stop the visa bond pilot scheme. The petition was launched in the name of the Campaign against Racist Laws.

All Lalkar readers are requested to sign the petition by 3rd week of September 2013.

Avtar Jouhl,

General Secretary, IWA(GB)

Sign the online petition

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