Dirty tricks of the DNC exposed

hillary The release of thousands upon thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton and other Democrat Party officials just prior to and during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) by Julian Assange’s anti-secrecy WikiLeaks organisation has been really hard for the US media to ignore but to a degree they are managing it or, more properly, they are in great measure writing it up as a series of not so important side issues. Remember, corporate America wants Clinton in the White House!

When asked about the timing of the released emails, Assange let it be known that the point was to hurt the Hillary Clinton campaign, spurring one journalist to ask: “Plainly, what you are saying, what you are publishing, hurts Hillary Clinton? Would you prefer Trump to be president?” Assange replied that what Trump would do as president was “completely unpredictable.” By contrast, he thought it was regrettably entirely predictable what Mrs. Clinton would do.

Lesser beings among the Democrats have fallen on their swords to deflect attention from Hillary, such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who stood down from the Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DN Committee) on the day before the start of the DNC after it was revealed by WikiLeaks, in a very large cache of her emails to many recipients, that she was and had been outrageously promoting Clinton and denigrating Bernie Sanders. Following the lead of Ms Wasserman Schultz, DNC CEO Amy Dacey, CFO Brad Marshall, and Communications Director Luis Miranda also resigned in the wake of the controversy once the Convention was over.

To many of the hard-core Sanders supporters these emails merely proved what they had been saying throughout the Primary season, while spreading the message of Sanders about the “rigged system“, i.e, enough people within the Democrat organising hierarchy, who were supposed to remain non-partisan, were actually working full-out in semi-secret for the Hillary camp and specifically against the Sanders camp. These Sanders supporters were dismissed prior to the leaks as conspiracy theorists by the majority of the US press and the DN Committee. When the email leaks appeared proving them right, the debate was successfully diverted to focus on who had gathered the emails rather than what they revealed. We were all then treated to another round of Russia bashing which accused Russia of hacking DN Committee emails, along with the claim that Russia wants Trump to be the next President and is working to get him elected.

The sight of US politicians getting hot under the collar re the supposed collection of their emails by another country is really amusing when one considers that In January 2014, the Guardian newspaper and Channel 4 News reported that the US had collected and stored almost 200 million text messages per day across the globe from individuals, from governments and organisations (many of them classed as ‘friendly’) and a host of top international meetings both big and small.

Voters are not always as dumb as bourgeois politicians like to think (and have even said outright according to some of those emails) and, if enough of the truth gets out, even in small doses, many of those US Democrat voters will remember it, and their election choices will be coloured by these revelations.

During some of the email exchanges between these DN Committee members, and even some selected journalists within the DN Committee’s particular sphere of influence, the placing of a story claiming that the Sanders campaign was disorganised and “all over the place” was discussed. The merits or otherwise of donors to their party and how big a donation would qualify certain people to sit in the presence of dignitaries and for how long was another reoccurring topic. Another email conversation included speculation about the religious intolerance of Democrat voters from certain states while the writers were trying to decide whether to leak that Sanders was an atheist or a Jew. This was on May 5, when the DN Committee officials appeared to conspire to raise Sanders’ faith as an issue and focus on whether he was an atheist — in the hope of steering religious voters in Kentucky and West Virginia to Clinton. Sanders is Jewish but has previously indicated that he’s not religious.

What these emails are really telling us is that not only is Hillary Clinton a murderous war-hawk, an embezzler and a liar of massive proportions, not only that Sanders is a pacifist in the Corbyn mould who will constantly retreat from stated ideals to try and achieve unity with those who hate him, but, in the final analysis, neither of the bourgeois democratic parties can ever bring about the changes in society that the working class needs. Both Democrats and Republicans are tools of the ruling class and the ruling classes of both the US and Britain are drooling for war to use up the acute over-production that is a weight around their necks. That being the case the psychopathic Clinton is the obvious choice for the ultra-rich 0.1 percent rulers of US imperialism. Trump may be a leading capitalist but he is a maverick who admires the Russian leadership and talks of finding peace with some of America’s declared ‘enemies’. If elected he would have to change these positions or suffer a tragic fatal accident or possibly even open assassination.

Many ‘leftists’ in the US are tying their colours to the Clinton mast, not because they like her or don’t believe that she is a homicidal maniac, but rather because they feel that they have to vote in a bourgeois election and cannot bring themselves to vote for any Republican candidate in general or Trump in particular. We are not sure why any worker, let alone a declared ‘leftist’, would vote for her, but the released emails and other knowledge of Hillary’s crimes should convince most that she definitely should not receive the votes of workers.

No one can know in advance what Trump, if elected, will do. But on the basis of a very long proven record, Hillary Clinton is bound to pursue aggressively US imperialism’s agenda of domination abroad and oppression of working people at home. She can be expected to give her full backing to the destructive murderous policies of Israeli Zionism against the struggling people of Palestine; she can be expected to continue with the mass surveillance of the people in the US and elsewhere; she can be expected to arm various jihadi groups against secular regimes that stand in the way of US imperialism’s domination; she can without doubt be expected to stoke up the campaign against Russia and the People’s Republic of China, bringing the world close to a fearful, possibly third world war; at the same she can be expected to continue, along with her husband, Bill Clinton, amassing a greater and greater personal fortune; and … but enough.

In the light of this, no matter how repulsive people may find Trump to be, Hillary Clinton offers no better alternative for working people. In this case, better the devil you don’t know may be a better guide to voting than the other way round.

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