Cowardly attempt on the life of President Maduro of Venezuela

maduroOn 4 August there was an attempt to assassinate President Maduro of Venezuela by use of drones equipped with explosive devices. Fortunately the attempt failed, and the perpetrators have been caught and arrested. The Venezuelan government’s investigations have revealed that the plot was hatched by the Colombian ruling class. It has been ascertained by the Venezuelan authorities and reported by Telesur that:

• A drone was located in the business centre Cipreses by the group referred to as “group BRAVO.” It was manipulated from the 10th floor by a terrorist group trained in the Colombian town of Chinacota, in the northern province of Santander.

• The terrorists made preparatory observations ahead of the attempt on the July 24 parade in the state of Carabobo, yet did not eventually launch the attack then because of a lack of preparation, just as they eventually cancelled on July 5 on the celebration of the Independence.

• They ascertained that the public event on Aug.4 would take place on Avenida Bolivar in the afternoon, instead of the Avenida Los Proceres, and brought a drone to this location —the one the military officials identified and technological teams neutralized.

• They lifted the drone above all the structures of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, but it was then disturbed in its trajectory by technological equipment —used in order to inhibit signals. Meanwhile, another group activated the second drone.

• They had planned to use two drones, one that would explode with a pentrite chemical component, while the second one was meant to draw the attention somewhere else by crashing against a building called Don Eduardo, exploding with a C4 component.

• The masterminds of the attack are people who participated in the 2017 violent demonstrations in Venezuela.

• The people involved in the attack were offered US$50 million and residency in the United States.

• Identified terrorists include: Rayder Russo, a resident of Colombia, and Osman Delgado, a resident of the United States.

As soon as news came through of the attack of President Maduro, the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) sent a message to the Venezuelan government via its London embassy. This message read as follows:

Dear comrades. Please be assured of our solidarity in the face of this outrageous attack on your president and your revolution.

Please convey our message of warm greeting and unwavering solidarity via your ambassador, to President Maduro, your government and the Venezuelan people, at this testing moment, on behalf of our party and the progressive sections of the British working-class that we represent.

We are relieved that President Maduro was unharmed but outraged that several members of the Venezuelan army were injured in this terrorist attack. We send them and their families our best wishes.

Your soldiers’ injuries, on one level senseless, have in reality been sustained on the front line of the struggle to defend the rights of the Venezuelan people to independently determine their destiny, and to put their national economy and resources in the service of the masses of your people.

The ‘free press’ in our country, while no doubt gleefully reporting this attack for purposes of propaganda and aiming to use it to fuel destabilisation, will not point out the blindingly obvious fact that when looking for the criminal, one must understand, and follow, the motive.

Your revolution remains a living challenge to the hegemony of the international financial elite, who think they have a natural right to your oil wealth.

It is this same imperialist capitalist elite that own Britain and America’s ‘free press’. These gangsters are ceaseless in their efforts to enforce their domination on every source of labour, every market and every natural resource from which they can squeeze profit.

While it may be too soon to have information regarding the exact agents who perpetrated of this vile attack on your country’s sovereignty and democratic process, we believe that the entire context of Venezuela’s politics and history point to a local agent of US imperialism being responsible, no doubt acting in concert with imperialist state and intelligence agencies, and with ultimate responsibility and direction of the government of the USA.

We note that this attack on your liberty bears a strong resemblance to the drone attacks used routinely by Jihadi proxies sponsored by US in Syria.

We trust that no effort to destabilise your government, diplomatic, civil or economic life will go unchallenged, or divert you from your just and great course of promoting the interests, empowerment and uplift of the masses of the Venezuelan people.

We continue to draw inspiration from your steadfast and courageous anti-imperialist struggle.

Long Live President Maduro!

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!

Long live free and independent Venezuela!

Down with Imperialism!

Down with the servile and criminal proxies who do imperialism’s dirty work and trample on the rights of their own people

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