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dprkKim Yong Chol, Chairman of Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee issues statement

The US president continues using inappropriate and highly risky words and expressions even after our Dec. 5 warning.

On Dec. 5 we made clear our stand that we would keep watching the US president whether he repeats irritating expressions stoking the atmosphere of confrontation or not, and that we would view the issue from a different angle in case he deliberately uses odd words and expressions against us again.

As well known to the world, at a press interview and in an article he posted on December 7 and 8, Trump let out loads of words and expressions with implicit threat to someone without any calculation that he doesn’t think north Korea wants to interfere in the US election but will keep watching it, he will be surprised if north Korea takes hostile action and it will lose everything if it does so.

Such language is, indeed, disappointing. This naturally indicates that Trump is an old man bereft of patience.From those words and expressions we can read how irritated he is now. As he is such a heedless and erratic old man, the time when we cannot but call him a "dotard" again may come.

We make clear once again that the Chairman of our State Affairs Commission has not used any irritating expression towards the US president as yet. Of course it could be a sign of self-restraint but there has not been any yet. But if thing continues to go this way, our Chairman’s understanding of Trump may change, I think.

If Trump’s acts and words were meant to be addressed toward us, he must understand that his own style of bluffing and hypocrisy sound rather abnormal and unrealistic to us and that every word made by him is heard with derision.After receiving his erratic utterances, we have no intention to reconsider what we should do in the future, and will not feel worried about our future action.

Trump has too many things that he does not know about the DPRK.

We have nothing more to lose.

Though the US may take away anything more from us, it can never remove the strong sense of self-respect, might and resentment against the US from us.

Trump said that if we undertake an action, he would be surprised, and of course he will be astonished.Our action is for his surprise. So, if he does not get astonished, we will be irritated.

This year is closing. If the US has will and wisdom to stop the second-hand of clash, it would be a better option for it to spend time to calculate in anguish for it rather than choosing bluffing and threatening expressions as now. Stalling for time is not a ready-made solution. If the US has no will and wisdom, it cannot but watch with anxiety the reality in which the threat to its security increases with the passage of time.

9 December 2019

Reckless Remarks of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State under Fire

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA on December 21 with regard to the United States’ act of having taken issue over the DPRK’s "human rights":

At an interview with VOA on December 19, Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor of the US State Department made reckless remarks against the DPRK that the US remains concerned over ‘human rights situation’ in the DPRK and it should ‘engage to try to get a human rights violator like north Korea to change its behavior,’ etc.

It is a revelation of the inveterate repugnancy towards our system and a grave political provocation against our state that the US does confront us head-on, taking up the issue of human rights, not satisfied in railroading an anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" at the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Such malicious words which came at this time when the DPRK-US relations are reaching a highly delicate point will only produce a result of further aggravating the already tense situation on the Korean peninsula, like pouring oil over burning fire.

The US, a cesspit of all sorts of human rights violations including murder, rape, racial discrimination, maltreatment of immigrants, can neither be justified in poking its nose into other’s internal affairs, nor is entitled to do it.

Our country is a people-centered socialist state where the entire people fully enjoy genuine freedom and rights, being the masters of the country.

Human rights are the state rights and the sovereign rights of country and nation.

If the US dares to impair our system by taking issue over "human rights issue", it will be made to pay dearly for such an act.

The Assistant Secretary of the U.S. State Department would be well advised to watch his mouth. A cat is never scared off by a squeaky mouse.

We will further consolidate and develop the most superior socialist system of our own style which legally and practically guarantees the human rights of the people.

21 December 2019

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