CPGB-ML message of greeting to the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea

wpkDear Comrades, please accept our heartfelt greetings on the occasion of the 8th Congress of the Workers Party of Korea. We hope, indeed we are certain, that the Congress will have healthy, vigorous and comradely discussions and debates, and that, while summing up the experience and achievements of the DPRK since the last Congress, it will chart out a programme for the coming few years in order to enhance the prosperity of the DPRK and strengthen its defence capability against imperialist brigands, who are forever on the lookout for an opportunity to attack socialist Korea in every field-from economic sanctions and sabotage to vile propaganda and   military provocation. 

Dear Comrades, we wish the Congress delegates and the leader of the WPK, Comrade Kim Jong Un, a very happy New Year.

May the DPRK go from strength to strength!

With fraternal regards and best wishes,

Ella Rule (Mrs)


Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist

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