Venezuelans bravely defy US imperialism to vote for government candidates in parliamentary elections

venezUS, British and European imperialism have shown their complete lack of their self-proclaimed neutrality and impartiality in regard to other countries exercising democratic rights. The response to the 2020 Venezuelan National Assembly elections held on 6 December has exposed the imperialists as the vicious self-serving deceitful thieves and cut-throats that they are.

Prior to the election they declared that the election would be rigged, so they would not recognise the outcome and would not send observers to check on the procedures and practices. To do this would have made it very hard for them to keep up their insipid and monotonous tirade of abuse against President Maduro and the Venezuelan masses whom both he and his government represent. In what might in lesser circumstances be mildly humorous, these ruthless purveyors of death and destruction continue to spout their support for Juan Guaidó, the self-exiled and self-declared President of Venezuela, who has never stood for election to that position yet who, following the election of President Maduro for his second term on 20 May 2018, suddenly, and from outside the country, declared himself President. To add to the farcical nature of Guaidó’s action he was immediately recognised as President by the USA and 50 other countries.

Guaidó has, with US backing, tried several times now to send in armed foreign mercenaries, sometimes with US ‘advisors,’ to try to start a counter revolution, but every time the workers’ militias, townsfolk and Venezuelan soldiers capture, kill or drive them away in what most people might recognise as a refusal of the masses to allow this unelected US puppet to walk in and rule over them. Guaidó, however isn’t ‘most people’, and following these 2020 National Assembly elections, where he lost any vestige of support he had in that body, he sent the following message to the people of Venezuela; “You are not alone. We will not give up,” adding; “We are going to give everything until we win.”

Mr Guaidó had told his fellow oppositionists inside Venezuela not to stand because they would not win. This was actually quite good advice as President Maduro really does have the popular support of the Venezuelan majority, but, of course, the puppet Guaidó was telling them, and is still trying to tell the world, that his people didn’t stand because they knew that Maduro would rig the ballot.

The fact that not so long ago the opposition did in fact manage to get enough of their cronies elected to the National Assembly to be able actually to control it should convince anyone who uses their brain for thinking that the President doesn’t use those US techniques in elections.

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, jumped in on cue to back his man and condemn the vote for the National Assembly as a “fraud and a sham.” The US, along with Mr Guaidó, was very unhappy that much of the opposition to the Bolivarian government didn’t take any notice of Guaidó’s order to ‘not stand’ but instead did put up candidates against the government’s candidates. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and its allies secured 67.6% of the vote for the National Assembly winning easily over the 18% of the vote taken by opposition candidates.

In the middle of a pandemic which the US and its allies have tried to make as bad as possible in Venezuela by blocking medical supplies, food and fuel, and with the need for constant vigilance by government forces and supporters to make sure Guaidó’s terrorists from outside, or possibly inside the country, don’t make any attacks on polling stations, etc., the government still managed to hold fair, free and utterly transparent elections. The international observers who came were very happy with the whole procedure and praised the Venezuelan government for its organisation. They issued a declaration which included their rejection of “the external interference and the declarations of non-recognition of the governments of the United States, Canada, and the European Union, which, having been invited with all the guarantees to audit and witness the elections, preferred not to send electoral observation missions." The Commission of Electoral Experts of Latin America (CEELA), President Nicanor Moscoso, was at great pains to highlight the compliance by the Venezuelan government with national and international standards in order to guarantee the election’s audits. He added; "We have confirmed that the dialogue table initiated in 2019 has given results due to the trust showed by the citizens and the participation of political organizations and candidates."

Among the 300 international observers present who have all recognised the validity and transparency of these election was the former Spanish prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who urged the EU and US to rethink their strategy towards Venezuela in light of Donald Trump’s exit from the White House. It would be “the biggest absurdity in the history of international law” he said, to continue insisting Mr Guaidó is Venezuela’s rightful leader.

The only complaints really came from those who refused to send observers even though they were invited to come along and scrutinise every step of the procedure.

The US, along with their lapdogs in the Organization of American States (OAS) and the EU and Britain, their fellow imperialist monsters, were chief among those who refused to observe the elections so that they could then criticise them as a “sham.” But more and more do they expose themselves. It is almost funny to read and hear the words of the shameless political prostitutes of the US, UK, EU etc. condemning Venezuela’s obvious democracy and enviable adherence to electoral correctness as undemocratic, while they at the same time sing the praises of the Zionist occupiers of Palestine, who conduct bloody and frequent massacres of innocents, and hail them as a force for democracy.

Venezuela, despite 20-odd years of threats, blockades of food, oil and medicines, incursions by armed Western-backed terrorists, intimidation of its trading partners and murders, is still standing. Imperialism and its lackeys have done everything in their considerable destructive power to undermine a once-wealthy oil economy with a view to reducing it to ruin, and its people are as a result suffering acute shortages of water, fuel and electricity. Inflation is running at more than 6,000%; the currency, the Bolívar, is virtually worthless and 5m people have fled the country. Still Venezuela has independence and pride enough to stand and it has friends. Iran still sends fleets of oil tankers to Venezuela along with oil production experts to help rebuild the sabotaged refineries. China, Russia, Cuba, the DPRK, Syria and many other countries around the world are prepared to stand with Venezuela, its people and the Bolivarian government chosen by those people.

For our part we salute the masses of Venezuela and their decision to support their own elected government.

Viva Maduro! Viva Venezuela! Death to imperialism!

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