The Report of the 8th Party Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, January 2021

dprkKim Jong Un, chairman of the WPK, gave the report on the work of the 7th Central Committee of the Party from January 5 to January 7.

The main idea and spirit of the 8th party congress were to increase tremendously the power of Juche, the domestic driving force of the socialist construction to achieve the new great victory in every aspect or, in other words, to fix and re-organize our inner potential comprehensively and based, on that being achieved, to make a direct breakthrough to overcome all obstacles and open up a new road for progress.

During this congress, the work of the 7th Central Committee of the Party was deeply analyzed and reviewed.

In the period of the last 5 years, the external environment encircling the DPRK was severe, unprecedented in its history since its founding, owing to the desperate offensive of the US and its followers characterised by frantic manoeuvres to pressurise and blockade the DPRK.

In addition, the terrible natural disasters which hit the country every year and the protracted global public health crisis which broke out last year were termed severe obstacles to the economic work.

The report said that, owing to such obstacles, state investments and planned supplies for improving the major sectors of the economy by way of implementation of the 5-year strategy for the national economic development could not be carried out properly.

It clarified the strategy for the struggle in the economic field for the coming five years.

The general orientation of the 5-year plan for national economic development is to establish a firm foundation for activating the national economy overall and for improving the people’s standard of living by concentrating efforts on the main links of economic development.

The major task of the new 5-year plan is to focus investment on the metal industry and the chemical industry as key links for normalising production in all sectors of national economy, and for consolidating the material and technical foundations of agriculture and supplying enough raw and other materials to light industry so as to increase the production of consumer goods.

The report clarified the principled stand on the inter-Korean relation as follows:

It is necessary to take a stand to solve the basic problems in north-south relations, to halt all acts hostile towards each other, and prudently deal with, and honestly implement, north-south declarations.

The report insisted that whether or not north-south relations are able to return to a new starting point of peace and prosperity in the near future as they were in Spring 3 years ago, as desired by all compatriots, totally depends on the south Korean authorities’ behaviour.

The report mentioned the core plan and important strategic tasks for rapidly developing the defence industry.

Kim Jong Un solemnly clarified the revolutionary stand on steadily bolstering up the national defence capabilities, the cornerstone for the existence of the state and a reliable guarantee for defending the dignity and security of the country and people and peace.

Nothing is more foolish and dangerous than to fail to steadily build our muscle and to sit idle, while clearly seeing the enemies increasing ultra-modern weapons aiming at our state.

The main tasks facing the field of defence science are: the development of the inter-continental ballistic rocket with the use of an underwater or ground solid-fuel engine, the operating of reconnaissance satellites for military purposes, and studying and developing more of the latest weapons and combat equipment.

We should put the focus of foreign political activities on containing and subduing the US, the fundamental obstacle to the development of our revolution and our foremost principal enemy.

The report stressed the need in the field of external affairs to adopt a strategy towards the US in a tactical way while steadily expanding our solidarity with all anti-imperialist independence forces, noting that the nature of US imperialism and the real intent of its policy towards the DPRK will never change, whoever comes into power in the US.

The report solemnly clarified the policy of the WPK: to continue to approach the US on the principle of answering force with toughness and good faith, stating that a key to establishing a new and better relationship between the DPRK and the US lies in the US abandonment of its hostile policy towards the DPRK.

It reaffirmed that the DPRK, as a responsible nuclear weapons state, would not deploy nuclear weapons unless aggressive hostile forces tried to use their nuclear arms against the DPRK.

The Supreme Leader in the report clarified the general direction and policy stand of the WPK on the overall development of external relations.

It stressed the need in the field of foreign affairs to develop further relations with other countries, consolidate the unity and cooperation with revolutionary and progressive parties aspiring after independence, and resolutely wage joint struggle against imperialism worldwide so as to make the external environment of the state more favourable.

Now, under the leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Un, the whole of the Korean people have mobilised themselves to implement the tasks set forward at the 8th Party congress and devoted to themselves to accomplish new victories in Socialist construction.

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