DPRK to open embassy in London

Nearly half a century after the end of the Korean war, in which the DPRK held off the mighty concerted assault of US and British imperialism and their allies and was able to survive to build socialism, reason has finally prevailed and the UK agreed on 12 December 2000, after a week of talks in London, to restore diplomatic relations with North Korea. It is expected that respective embassies in Pyongyang and London will be opened during the first half of this year. In the interim, Britain’s representation with the DPRK will be carried out from its Embassy in Seoul, and the DPRK’s with London will be carried out by the DPRK envoy in Sweden.

It is likely that other EU countries will also restore diplomatic relations. Italy has already done so, and Germany is expected to follow suit very shortly. In addition, the Swedish prime minister is expected to visit Pyongyang this year.

Robin Cook, the British foreign minister, announcing the decision to restore diplomatic relations with the DPRK said:

“We believe that dialogue and negotiations are the best ways of securing peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula”.

At last the imperialist hyenas whom Cook represents have been forced by the steadfastness of the DPRK and its refusal to succumb to imperialist bullying and threats to come round to the position that the DPRK has been advocating since its very inception. Better late than never!

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