We publish below words of appreciation for LALKAR written by some its subscribers. Three of the letter writers have also sent us money. Comrade Paul Phillippou has sent us £25 by way of donation, Penny Moffat sent us £10, and Nora Ridley also £10. We thank these comrades for their donations and appeal to our readers and supporters to help us financially and also by writing to us about their views concerning the contents of LALKAR. It goes without saying that we are just as happy to accept your criticisms as we are to accept straightforward endorsement of what we do.


Dear Editor,

Congratulations with the 83rd anniversary of the Great October Revolution! I was pleased to find an article with a deep insight entitled ‘21st Century Belongs to Communism’ on your site – thank you for your effort to fight for the truth!

I’d like to request from you the page entitled ‘Sinking of the Kursk’ because it has unfortunately vanished from your site. Please e-mail me its contents. I hope that you keep a backup copy of it.

Thank you and best regards from Bulgaria.

Lushezar Georgiev



Dear Lalkar

I loved your latest issue.

Solidarité, merci, et courage comrades.

Penny Moffat



Keep Lalkar going comrades,

Paul Philippou



Dear Harpal Brar,

This is to thank you for the Nov.Dec copy of Lalkar and I enclose a cheque for £10.

I also enclose stamps to the value of postage for you to kindly send me another copy for me to introduce to a friend who has spent many years supporting the Palestinians’ cause. Some years ago I met him and his wife when I joined a group going to Cuba. You may remember my links with the late Mary Allison of Wellhouse, Huddersfield, who gave me a subscription for Lalkar which I already pass on to a friend.

I am over 90 now and lay low politically, you may smile at these words. Your paper is an education and for me its strength has been the explaining and depth you go for me to understand and know you are right.

My main job is to keep well for my family and being blessed with health, so far I’m sailing along. I shall be explaining the arrival of Lalkar to my friend and hope he takes it from there.

I close wishing all of you, working so hard on Lalkar, the health and good will to carry on.

Sincerely, Nora Ridley.

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