Rishi Sunak – the third prime minister in 7 weeks

On Tuesday 25 October, Rishi Sunak became Britain’s prime minister, replacing Liz Truss who had lasted a mere 44 days (from 6 September to 25 October), the shortest serving prime minister in British history.  Sunak is the third prime minister in just seven weeks.  His is the fifth consecutive government in six years, forcing one … [Read more…]

Referenda: Russians exercise their right to self-determination

23 September marked the launch of four days of referenda in the Ukraine, with the aim of determining whether the inhabitants of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson wished to be ruled by the fascist junta in Kiev or would prefer to be integrated into the Russian Federation. In all cases the vote was resoundingly in … [Read more…]

Time to put an end to this capitalist madness

The ‘polycrisis’ The seriousness of the crisis facing the economies of the capitalist world was recently set out by the Financial Times in the following words: “’Polycrisis’: this was the description Jean-Claude Juncker gave the nexus of challenges facing the EU in 2016, when he was European Commission president. Last week the International Monetary Fund … [Read more…]

The ruin of the NHS for the benefit of private interests

We have, as far back as anyone remembers, logged and commented on the attacks on, and, the undermining of, the NHS under both Labour and Tory administrations in this journal on a regular basis. Both exhorting defence of the service where possible and highlighting the total necessity of a socialist system as the only measure … [Read more…]

Obituary – Avtar Jouhl (1937-2022)

Comrade Avtar Jouhl, a much-loved and much-respected anti-imperialist and proletarian revolutionary, passed away on the morning of 8 October 2022. Born in the village of Jandiala, Punjab, on 2 November 1937, he came to Britain in 1958 to join his brother and father-in-law who were already working and living in Birmingham. He had come over … [Read more…]

Racist persecution of aborigines in Australia

In sharp contradiction to the Australia of the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ films where all races get along together, personal differences are sorted out in a manly fist fight followed by all having a few jars at the local boozer in some ‘one horse town’, real-life Australia is for the most part a modern imperialist state where … [Read more…]

Colombia – Petro walks the tightrope of ‘total peace’

Two regional trade union officials were killed in southern Colombia in mid-October -.Ferney Morales and Rigo Alape were attacked in a municipality of Putumayo, apparently being forced by armed assailants to leave a community meeting before being murdered. What was a poignant tragedy is in danger of becoming a commonplace in a country still beset … [Read more…]

The liberation of Ukraine from Nazism in 1944

The 28th of October is the anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from the Nazi occupation.  Nowadays this date is more relevant than ever.  We will tell you how Ukrainians fared under the Nazi regime – that today, it would seem, many have forgotten. As from the autumn of 1941, most of the territory of the Ukrainian … [Read more…]