Russia stands firm against the latest imperialist provocation over Ukraine

Russia stands firm against the latest imperialist provocation over UkraineThe current imperialist provocation, shunting fully one half of Ukraine’s armed forces right up against the Russian border whilst at the same time falsely accusing Russia of plans to invade Ukraine, is being actively assisted by all the mainstream media. Their relentless lies about the allegedly aggressive intentions of Russia have nothing to do with … [Read more…]

Indian farmers’ magnificent victory

Indian farmers’ magnificent victoryIn September 2020, India’s BJP government, headed by Narendra Modi, rushed through the Indian parliament three Farm Bills which at one stroke did away with the old agricultural procurement system.  Under that system, farmers used to sell their crops to government-licensed middlemen at government regulated market places (known as Mandis). This legislation was introduced through … [Read more…]

Immigrants’ luxury lifestyle

Immigrants’ luxury lifestyleA recent public enquiry has been hearing from a former officer at an immigration detention centre.  A released undercover BBC Panorama expose shows a shocking culture of abuse by staff towards migrant detainees at Brook House immigration detention centre.  The place had been run by G4S when whistle-blower, Callum Tulley, a former officer there reported … [Read more…]

Inhumanity towards desperate asylum seekers

Inhumanity towards desperate asylum seekersEvery so often Immigration is thrown back into the spotlight of media (and therefore, public) attention. Sometimes the attention is raised by a failed politician hiring a boat and causing a nuisance chasing around the English Channel with a film crew looking feverishly for an overloaded boat crammed full of extremely desperate people that he … [Read more…]

Julian Assange loses extradition appeal

Julian Assange loses extradition appealOn Friday 10th December, the High Court, in a hearing that lasted barely 10 minutes, reached judgment that the appeal against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the US would be allowed, explicitly on the basis that the US has provided assurances that he will be safe in the care of their prison system. These … [Read more…]

On bourgeois and socialist democracy

On bourgeois and socialist democracyOn 9-10 December 2021, the US regime held an online  ‘Democracy Summit’ to which it invited government leaders and private sector representatives from 110 countries The countries invited included all imperialist states, all Nato members (with the notable exception of Turkey), Anglosphere and Commonwealth countries,  and others, such as India, that, if not under the … [Read more…]

MH17 disaster – who do you trust?

MH17 disaster – who do you trust?On 17 July 2014 a Malaysian airliner, MH17, carrying 298 people was shot down over Donbass in the Ukraine, killing all the people on board. After long-drawn out investigations, four people were put on trial for the murder of those killed. These four people are three Russian citizens – Sergey Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov and Igor … [Read more…]

The fight against bureaucracy in the Soviet Union under Stalin

The fight against bureaucracy in the Soviet Union under StalinCarlos Rule 1. What is bureaucracy? The first question presents the first problem. ‘Bureaucracy’ is a vague term, with a hundred possible meanings. Herein lies its advantage for critics of the Soviet Union. It leaves the reader with a ‘carte blanche’ to assume whatever negative things about the Soviet Union he might like. Lenin and … [Read more…]

Energy crisis: how imperialism manufactures ‘shortages’

The present global energy crisis is not fundamentally to do with shortages in the supply of gas, oil or coal. Whilst fossil fuels are a finite resource, a fact which is to be reckoned with in any rational energy plan, the reality here is that there is still a superabundance of such fuels, whether held … [Read more…]