Continued Zionist genocide in Gaza

Six months on, the Israeli genocidal war machine carries on its daily slaughter of innocent Palestinian men, women and children, relentlessly and remorselessly,  Nearly 34,000 Palestinians have been murdered in cold blood; another 5,000 are missing, probably buried in the rubble to which Gaza has been reduced through indiscriminate bombing by the Israeli air force; … [Read more…]

The Missiles of April

by SCOTT RITTER Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel will go down in history as one of the greatest victories of this century. I’ve been writing about Iran for more than two decades. In 2005, I made a trip to Iran to ascertain the ‘ground truth’ about that nation, a truth which I then incorporated into … [Read more…]

Ukraine – chaos in the anti-Russia front

On Friday 22 March the Crocus City Hall near Moscow came under attack by terrorists. As some 6,000 people attended a rock concert in the hall in Krasnogorsk, a north Moscow suburb, the venue came under attack by four gunmen who fired randomly into the crowd and then set the hall alight, causing the roof … [Read more…]

The role of the IMF impoverishing countries – the case of Argentina

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was founded at the Bretton Woods conference in July 1944.  This financial agency presents an image of itself as a democratic organisation that works “to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity for all of its 190 member countries… by supporting economic policies that promote financial stability and monetary cooperation”. Nothing could … [Read more…]

Immigrants are our class brothers and their contributions are vital to support pensions and welfare benefits for all

As the next General Election looms into view over a very dark horizon, the backroom boys and girls of the British bourgeoisie’s political parties, sit fashioning the various footballs to be used in staged games to put on a show for the voting public.  One of the biggest and seemingly most important balls to be … [Read more…]

BOOK REVIEW: Thoughts on Stalin – the history and critique of a black legend by Domenico Losurdo – Part 3

Stalin is an obvious candidate for the most vitriolic abuse for under his leadership private property and the market suffered unprecedented hammer blows.  Under his stewardship, socialism spread to eastern and central Europe, China, the DPRK and Vietnam, taking this vast mass, along with the USSR, out of the world market. Under his leadership, the … [Read more…]

The Palestinian Resistance is changing the world

The Zionist murder machine continues its daily slaughter of unarmed Palestinian men, women and children, taking a toll of hundreds each day.  At the time of writing (22 January), 30,000 Gazans have been murdered, the overwhelming majority of them being women and children, whereas 70,000 have been badly wounded.  This horrendous toll does not take … [Read more…]

Avdeyevka has fallen!

Russian forces are now in full control over the city of Avdeyevka whilst thousands of Ukrainian troops remain there trapped in isolated pockets. Their command structure has broken down and there is little effective communication between units. In an attempt to turn this around, the fascist Azov brigade was sent in to clear the mess … [Read more…]