The Palestinian Resistance is changing the world

The Zionist murder machine continues its daily slaughter of unarmed Palestinian men, women and children, taking a toll of hundreds each day.  At the time of writing (22 January), 30,000 Gazans have been murdered, the overwhelming majority of them being women and children, whereas 70,000 have been badly wounded.  This horrendous toll does not take … [Read more…]

Avdeyevka has fallen!

Russian forces are now in full control over the city of Avdeyevka whilst thousands of Ukrainian troops remain there trapped in isolated pockets. Their command structure has broken down and there is little effective communication between units. In an attempt to turn this around, the fascist Azov brigade was sent in to clear the mess … [Read more…]

Principled stand of the Morning Star against “political policing” – Lalkar’s appreciation and response

The following is the article by Andrew Murray that appeared in the Morning Star of 13 February, arguing that we must stand together against injustice regardless of political differences.  We appreciate their defence of our comrades, as we would stand to defend CPB members and comrades from any other organisation in a similar situation.  Nevertheless … [Read more…]

Report from the courts

Given the lead given by the British government to encourage the forces of law and order to victimise those who support the Palestinian people in their struggles against the Zionist entity that is currently engaged in genocide in Gaza, it is both welcome and surprising that two judicial proceedings last month actually upheld, at least … [Read more…]

OBITUARY – Gonzalo Lira

Reproduced from the Helsinki Times of 13 January 2024, with thanks Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean-American war commentator known for his critical views on the Zelensky regime and Russia-Ukraine conflict, passed away on January 11, 2024, in a hospital in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Lira’s death followed an eight-month imprisonment on charges of ”justifying Russia’s military actions in … [Read more…]

International law or rules-based order?

Two days after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled in favour of South Africa’s prima facia case of genocide against Israel, Israel, and its primary sponsor the United States, along with the usual cohort of vassal states including Britain, all withdrew funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in … [Read more…]

Colonel Africa – by Ilona Yegiazarova

The following article is taken largely verbatim from an article written by Ilona Yegiazarova in the Moskovskaya Pravda of 18 September 2020.  Some material irrelevant for the present purposes has been omitted and a few additional facts have been added.  It recounts the life of a Spanish-born KGB Intelligence Officer, Africa de las Heras, whose … [Read more…]

Julian Assange appeal – British justice on trial

Free Julian Assange (leaflet issued by the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) at the 20-21 February demonstration outside the Royal Courts of Justice demanding the freedom of Julian Assange). The chilling persecution of honest journalism has only served to highlight the unfreedom of bourgeois society and the lies and complicity of imperialist corporate media. … [Read more…]

Obituary – John Pilger – 1939-2023

Born in 1939, the veteran journalist John Pilger died on 30 December 2023 aged 84.  He was one of the most courageous, fearless and decent journalists, devoting his life in the service of speaking the truth and bringing into daylight what the coterie of hired servants of imperialism in the press and TV studios tried … [Read more…]