Institutionalised Racism in Police – OfficialAs we go to press, the provisions of the report resulting from the inquiry by Sir William Macpherson into the murder of the black teenager, Stephen Lawrence by five white youths have been leaked to the press (the Macpherson Report is due to be officially released on Wednesday 24 February). … [Read more…]

Freedom for Ocalan

Freedom for the KurdsBy David Morgan The kidnapping by Turkey of Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), has provoked the justified outrage of Kurds throughout the world. The underhand methods used and the images of his maltreatment that were released by Turkish television illustrate the true barbarism of the Ankara regime for all … [Read more…]

Support Socialist Labour Party in Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and European Elections

 SLP Political Education SchoolThe Socialist Labour Party East and West Midlands Regions held a Party School over the weekend of 13-14 February 1999 to introduce participants to the principles of Marxism. There were sessions on the question of `What is capitalism?’, `What is socialism?’, `Imperialism today’, `Social-democracy and the labour aristocracy’ and Ireland. Each session … [Read more…]

NUM and SLP Delegations Visit to Cuba

Report by Harpal Brar This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Cuban revolution, which overthrew the tyrannical Batista regime and set the Cuban people on the road to independence, freedom, dignity, prosperity and socialism. To coincide with the 40th anniversary celebrations, a British workers’ delegations, led by Comrade Frank Cave, Vice-President of the National Union … [Read more…]

The Immigration and Asylum Bill –

a plot to evade Britain’s Geneva Convention obligationsThe Immigration and Asylum Bill presented to the House of Commons on 9 February 1999 should have been entitled the Elimination of Asylum Bill. The Explanatory Note issued by the government in order to spell out the Bill” intentions admits in para. 359 that estimated costs of supporting … [Read more…]

Sierra Leone fights on against imperialist stranglehold

The news has come through towards the end of December that the rebel army of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front has made tremendous headway in taking control of vast areas of the country and is now threatening its capital, Freetown. Its avowed aim is once more to overthrow the regime of imperialist minion, Ahmad Tejan … [Read more…]

Scargill Calls for Blair and Clinton to be Charged as War Criminals

Arthur Scargill, General Secretary of the Socialist Labour Party, said today that Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair and the United States President Bill Clinton are guilty of `cold, calculated murder’ with their unprincipled attack on the people of Iraq.“There is no justification for what this New Labour Government is doing as it continues to bomb … [Read more…]

Labour Government –

A Bunch of Sleazy ParasitesFollowing the latest sleaze scandal to explode in the face of the Labour government, two powerful ministers, Peter Mandelson and Geoffrey Robinson, have resigned under heavy pressure. Sections of the press greeted the resignations with riotous jubilation. For instance, Rupert Murdoch’sSun,which Mandelson, Tony Blair and the Labour Party courted so obsequiously, … [Read more…]


 On 19th December, the Southall CSLP were host to the launch of a new book by SLP NEC member Harpal Brar. SLP members from across London heard discussion about the new work at their annual social, from Steve Cowan and other SLP comrades. Steve Cowan, a former ILEA councillor, stressed that the title of the … [Read more…]